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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby Shower #1 - Raleigh, NC

I have been promising you pictures from my shower all week, so I figure it's time I deliver on that promise!  This past weekend was my first baby shower in Raleigh, NC.  It was hosted by Dan's family (sister Meredith, sister-in-law Andrea, mother-in-law Susan) and two girlfriends (Ashley & Steph).  To say that it was beautiful/incredible/amazing does not even do it justice.  It was so thoughtful, well-planned and just all around perfect, and I had such a wonderful time!  The shower was a brunch which they hosted at Porter's Tavern in Raleigh.  Porter's is one of Dan and I's favorite places - if you've never been, you must go.  We all got a choice between French Toast, Huevos Rancheros and a Cobb Salad.  I, of course, went with French Toast because it's my favorite - but everyone raved about all of the entrees.

My sister, Katy, was nice enough to take a TON of pictures for me, so I'll use those to show you how awesome the shower was.  I am not posting a lot of photos of the gift opening, mainly because she seemed to catch me making a funny face/talking in every one of those and I am vain.  ;-)

Entrance way

Diaper cake made by Steph - so pretty, right?!

Baby Sarah on the left and Baby Dan on the right

Cupcakes from my favorite, the Cupcake Shoppe

Our room

The goodies! 

Favors for our guests

My gift opening helper

Sweet bows from Erica

Had to post this because it's hilarious.  My girlfriend Moneque made it - she is amazing.  Check her out on Facebook at Gifts and Mo - she does everything!
Eaker women

Dan and I

Baum women

Dan helping carry all of the goodies out

My lovely hostesses! (Minus Ashley)

Again, I can't say enough nice things about this shower.  We had a great turnout, and people were so generous.  I can't say enough how fortunate we are to be surrounded by such wonderful friends and family.  I can't wait for her to meet each and every single one of you!


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