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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Still Cooking...

Hey friends!  Thank you all SO much for your thoughts, prayers, and sweet words of encouragement this morning.  It must have really helped to calm my nerves, because the appointment went baby today! 

I lost 1 pound, there was no protein in my urine, and baby girl cooperated enough on the FHM that they felt good enough to let her cook a little longer.  I am still contracting, but my swelling is way down.  Blood pressure is still elevated - it was 142/90 this morning - but it's better than it has been.

We are so blessed and grateful that she can hang out in there a little while longer!  We can't wait to meet her, but want her to be as developed as she possibly can be before she makes her debut.  Also, I have NO idea what I put in her hospital bag because I was so rushed, so secretly I'm happy I get to re-do it.  :-)

Thanks again!  I'll try to do a baby shower post today or tomorrow.



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