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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby Shower #2 - Charlotte

Almost the end of another week!  Mom left today to go back home and hold down the fort there, and I was very sad.  It was so nice to have company for the week, and she was so helpful around the house.  She cooked delicious meals, took me to run errands, helped me do some things in the nursery and wash the rest of the baby's clothes, etc.  While we still haven't gotten every single thing done that we wanted to before baby arrives, I feel much better about where we stand now thanks to the help of our wonderful friends and family.  A little more work from Dan and I this weekend, and we will be in even better shape!

I have been promising all week to post pictures of my Charlotte showers, so I thought I'd do the first post tonight!  Before I do, though, I thought of something today that I forgot to mention in the post about my Raleigh shower.  The girls came up with such a wonderful idea, and I can't resist sharing!  They put a sweet little poem in with the invitations and asked all of the guests to bring a book and sign the inside of the book in lieu of a card.  Best idea ever, right?  Baby girl has SO MANY wonderful books as a result of this, and we are so excited to read them all to her.  Additionally, the books span a lot of ages, so she has her own little library already.  As soon as we get the office/playroom put together and I get the books on the shelf we bought, I'll take a picture.  We LOVE them!

So, now to Charlotte shower #1.  This shower was hosted on Saturday at my parents' house by my Mom's sisters: Aunt Hopey, Aunt Jo and Aunt Jennifer.  We had a shower at my home church, Pineville United Methodist on Sunday afternoon, but when my aunts offered, we thought it would be a great idea to have a smaller shower for family and friends outside of the church.  And boy, do these ladies know how to throw a shower!  This is the second one they've thrown for me (the first was my bridesmaids luncheon), and they never cease to amaze.  The menu consisted of soups (Aunt Jo's turkey chili, Aunt Hopey's cheddar, broccoli and rice soup, and mom's vegetable beef soup - all divine as usual) and sandwiches (Granny's home made pimento cheese and also egg salad on a variety of breads) among other things.  Everything was delicious, the company was fantastic, and again, everyone was generous beyond belief.  I will let some photos do the talking for the rest of the post.  Again, not posting many of me opening gifts because I am making funny faces in all of them, whoops!  But just trust me that we got some incredible gifts - all so sweet and thoughtful.

Decorations brought by Aunt Hopey.  How sweet is that old Winnie the Pooh?

Aunt Hopey's Noah's Ark.  I LOVED this and wanted to steal it. 

The shower colors were pink and brown to match the invitations, which were so cute (they had cupcakes on them!).  The cradle was another of Aunt Hopey's touches.  Love.

Gift table

More decorations

Dining room table

Cupcakes made by a friend of Aunt Jo's.  These were SO. GOOD.  The white ones are lemon and the pink ones are strawberry.  I'm pretty sure I ate four.

Close up of the cute cupcakes

Kitchen table

No party would be complete at the Eaker house without a John Deere cute is the little wagon attachment?!

Wreath made by Aunt Niecey.  She is seriously SO crafty.  It is now hanging on my front door in anticipation of Geronimina's arrival.

My corsage made by Aunt Jo.  The hippo is a rattle, and all of the flower buds are pairs of socks.  SO cute and unique, right?  She's crafty, too.  Jealous!

Mom and Peyton

Some of our guests - Rachel, Katy, Carole, Aunt Niecey, Granny and Susan
One of my favorite gifts - a pottery Noah's Ark lamp from Mom.  Also one of the only pictures I'm smiling in, so I decided to post.  Plus it shows of my corsage again.  :-)

More gift opening

One of Aunt Niecey's gifts - these were knitted by a friend.  So sweet!

Aunt Niecey also made me an ornament.  Inside she put extra scraps from the wreath she  made.  Can't wait to hang it on the tree next year!

Had to end the post with a cute pic of Layla, who was exhausted from all of the partying.
The shower was incredible, and I can't say "thank you" to my aunts enough for hosting it.  They did an excellent job as usual - and the food was delicious!  I've been snacking on left overs all week.  One bummer was that their hostess gifts didn't come in time for me to give to them, but I'm so excited about them that once they open them I'll post about them.  I also am bummed that I didn't get to get a picture taken with all of them.  There was just so much going on that we forgot!  Many thanks also to all of our guests, whom I was so excited to get to spend some time with - even though I was confined to the chair with my feet propped up!  I will tell you all that this child is rotten already, and definitely has more clothes than I think she'll ever be able to wear.  Not to worry, we'll just change her 6 times/day.  :-)

I'll try to post about the church shower before the end of the weekend.  Back to the doctor in the morning at 10:20, so look for an update sometime in the afternoon (if you're curious slash care)!




  1. Your/her aunt Niecey cares about the doctor update. Relax, all is well and can't wait for the arrival!

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