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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Howdy, friends!  Quick post tonight, because I am one tired mama.

After all of Friday's excitement, the weekend was pretty low-key.  Mom gave me quite a few necessities for the hospital as Christmas gifts and I needed to exchange or add to them, so I made a Target run on Friday afternoon and did laundry so that I could get a hospital bag ready just in case.  My in-laws decided to go ahead and come into town on Friday night so that they could help us out around the house.  I wasn't feeling well, so I spent the remainder of the afternoon/evening resting.  My man servant cooked a delicious dinner and I was in bed not too long after.

On Saturday morning, I felt much better.  I still had a headache, but it was very mild compared to Friday.  Bill, Susan and Dan all told me that my coloring looked much better when I woke up. I monitored my BP throughout the day - the doctors are right, the headaches definitely correspond with hikes in BP.  Meredith arrived around noon, and Erica and Andrea arrived around 2:30.  I spent the afternoon resting while the others took Erica and Layla to the park, and we had a nice dinner.  Here are a few pictures of the cuteness that is Erica:
Erica modeling the CUTE "cupcakes" (the no fat kind, ha!) sent to us from Aunt Niecey - made out of onesies and blankets.  I wish I would have taken pictures of them when we took them out, they were so cute!  Thanks, Aunt Niecey!

Erica testing out the cradle!
 On Saturday night, Andrea and I went up to the nursery to sort through everything we currently have.  She was nice enough to bring some Dreft with her so that we could wash all of baby's clothes that we've gotten so far.  I guess I didn't realize how much we had already gotten - between all of the towels, blankets, washcloths, clothes etc. we had like 3 loads of just baby laundry!  And I really haven't bought much of it myself - everyone has just been so generous.  So, we washed and folded laundry so that I can get a bag ready for baby, too, just in case. 

Today was shower day!  I didn't sleep very late because I was so excited, but my two babies were verrrrryyyyy sleepy from all of the excitement we've had:
I did wake up with a headache, but got it to go away before the shower.  It threatened to come back when I got home, but after resting all afternoon and evening, it seems to have subsided.  My very first baby shower was hosted by my sisters-in-law Andrea and Meredith, Susan (my mother-in-law), and two good friends - Steph and Ashley.  To say that the shower was incredible would be an understatement - I do not have nearly enough wonderful words to describe it.  I had such a wonderful time!  We are surrounded by such thoughtful and generous people, and more love than I know how to describe.  The shower needs its own separate post, so I promise to do that later in the week, but I was so excited to visit with everyone that came. Dan was so excited about all of the stuff we got, he's been a "putting together" machine this afternoon.  Side note: in case you were wondering, we had our own private bathroom, which came in handy since I am in the middle of another 24-hour urine test.  I was mortified at the thought of having to carry my pee (in a cooler) and pee hat across the restaurant every time I had to go to the bathroom.  Sigh! 

For the rest of the night, we are trying to take it easy and keep my blood pressure low.  We have a doctor's appointment bright and early at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, and I need to look and feel a lot better so they'll say it's still okay to go out of town next weekend for my Charlotte showers.  :-)  I am going to go ahead and put a few things in a bag for baby and I just in case something crazy happens tomorrow - last week freaked us both out enough that it lit a fire.  AND...good news, we got a car seat today.  :-)  Between that and the packing of bags I feel a LOT more prepared tonight than I did on Friday.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well - they always seem to go by so quickly!


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